About Us

Texas House Bill 1863, along with provisions of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, sought to integrate various workforce programs under a single policy-making body. The Workforce Solutions East Texas Board was established to oversee this integration and coordination of more than twenty separate employment and training programs in our area. Recently, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 updated Federal programs, making them even more responsive to our participants needs.

A report by the Comptroller’s office in 1995 provided the principles that serve as the cornerstone of workforce development boards:

  • Driven by Business and Industry and Labor
  • Universally Available
  • Locally Designed
  • Responsive to Customers’ Needs
  • Accountable
About Us

Our Vision

The vision of the Workforce Solutions East Texas Board is, Active economic development with a premier workforce attracting and supporting growth of business and industry.” To that end, our mission is to Improve the quality of life through economic development by providing a first-class workforce for present and future businesses.”

Simply put, we intend to build the best workforce development system in the state.

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