Network Partnerships

The key to the Workforce Development system is to create one-stop Workforce Centers, where the various employment and training programs are located under the same roof. This enable us to provide a full array of services to the individual Center’s customers.

Community resources are used to assist participants into unsubsidized employment, which provides good career potential for achieving economic self-sufficiency. This will include coordination with agencies outside of the Workforce Center such as Adult Education and Literacy programs, Senior Texas Employment Plan (STEP), Employers, Trade Associations, Disability and Rehabilitation services, Colleges and Universities, Community-based Organizations, and many more. In addition, the Texas Legislature has also directed the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services to partner with local Workforce Centers to more effectively serve this valuable components of our working community.

In an effort to transform the way it manages, designs and delivers employment and training services, East Texas works to create an integrated, market-based workforce development system that is flexible and customer-focused. The impact and future of this system depends largely on how well it engages employers who offer the jobs that are needed by our job-seeking customers. Meeting the challenge of employer engagement is critical to a successful welfare reform effort involving partnership with businesses and other employers.

Network Partners

We are funded by the Texas Workforce Commission, and partner with a wide variety of organizations locally to fulfill our services and mission.

Federal and State Agencies
Workforce Solutions East Texas Board Contractors
Predominately African American Colleges
Community and Technical Colleges
Local Partners
  • Literacy Council of Tyler (
    • Grant Recipient for the Texas Workforce Commission Adult Education and Literacy Program
  • Area Economic Development Organizations, represented by the Northeast Texas Economic Developers Roundtable (