Dynamic Futures 2.0 Training

We are excited to be able to offer Dynamic Futures 2.0 training! Dynamic Futures 2.0 is a 5-day Work Readiness course focused on work readiness skills.

The work readiness skills include:

      • Strength Based Resumes – Complete an assessment survey and when complete, you will receive feedback that includes your top five strengths. This is followed up with a workshop on how to use your strengths in the work place as well as build a strength-based Resume.
      • Interview skills – The class teaches you how to dress, answer questions, ask questions, proper hand shake, etc. Class is followed by mock interview practice. When complete, companies that are looking to hire come in and interview our students. Some are hired that day!
      • HR Basics – This workshop trains you on how to fill out applications; W-4’s, I-9’s, etc.
      • Labor Market Information/Career Readiness – Explore careers that you are interested in, what training or skills are required, the salary range, and if that job is in demand in your area. In this workshop, you will also learn the top 20 skills employers are looking for when they hire.
      • Team Building and Leadership activities – Class curriculum has activities built in that allow you to participate in groups to explore and build on everyone’s leadership skills.
      • Financial Literacy – This is a required component to help you understand how to manage your money based on the cost of living and the income that you currently have or will have once employed.
      • Basic Skills Tutorials – If you have a barrier to employment due to low basic skills in math, reading and/or language, we assess your skills with the TABE test. If your scores are below the 9th grade level in any area of basic skills, you are required to enroll in tutoring skills. We have a tutoring web site to assist you in increasing your reading, language or math skills. At the end of each day, you are required to spend time working on basic skills through this website. As your math, reading and language skills improve, your likelihood to employment and additional training improves. Statistics indicate the more education you have the more likely you are to become employed, and the more money will you make. We all want to make more money.

Contacting your local Workforce Solutions East Texas office for more details!

Bridge Week Activities

There are several other Work Readiness activities that can be provided based on your assessment of need and goals that you want to achieve. These include customer service skills and workplace ethics. When you complete this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for the Course, a resume, workplace ethics certification, confidence, and work readiness skills to make you more employable.

If you attend class fill out a timesheet for each day of attendance and complete the required Bridge Week activities you will receive a transportation allowance for every day you attend. That’s right! You can get gas money just for going to class!

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